01.25.2011Expo Perspectives on the Congo River Expedition.

From 25/01 until 13/03, a photographic exhibition about the scientific expedition Boyekoli Ebale Congo2010 is presented simultaneously at the sites of the three Belgium partners of the Consortium.

The photographer Kris Pannecoucke travelled the Congo River with the 67 Belgian, Congolese and scientists from other European countries. Having spent 12 years of his childhood in Kinshasa, where every morning he was witness to the mighty Congo River flowing parallel to Avenue Wagenia, travelling its length had been a long held ambition of Pannecoucke. “I’d give my left hand to be able to go with those scientists”, was his reaction when he first heard about the expedition. In hundreds of wonderful photographs, he captured life on the river; the fieldwork conducted by the scientists and the diverse plant and animal species they found during this amazing expedition.
You can marvel at these photographs at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren), the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Brussels) and the National Botanic Garden (Meise)

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Another exhibition is later to be organized in Kisangani.